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May 23, 2017 al Casa Naya Ibiza en Ibiza.


This retreat is a unique opportunity to transform your relationship “from Love Partners into Soul Mates”.

People think a Soul Mate is your perfect fit. But a true Soul Mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back. A Soul Mate comes into your life to tear down your walls and to shake you up; to show you your obstacles and addictions and to open your heart so new light can get in.

We have created these gatherings for couples who are interested in learning and exploring the Tantra Path in order to live their intimacy with awareness and meditation.

You will learn:
­- Receptive, conscious communication
– The art of loving touch
– Emotional awareness
– Allowance to feel and expose vulnerability
– Shake stagnation and bring freshness to your relating
– Discover intimacy as a path for self growth

– Restoring reverence for the body
– Sensual awakening
– Heal past wounds and increase pleasure
– Deepening intimacy and trust
– Awaken playfulness and spontaneity
– Experience Sacred Conscious Love Making

– Tantra meditations and rituals
– Healing therapeutical exercises
– Massage and body awareness
– Dance and playful interaction (mainly with your own partner)
– Conscious communication and intimate sharing
– Love Making Meditations (within the privacy of your own bedroom)
These practises will take you into an exciting self-discovery process and allow a deeper intimacy with your beloved. We begin the journey of freeing relationship from constricting patterns to a new field where Intimacy, Love and Presence are one.

Special Events:
– Tantric Ritual in nature (if weather allows)
– Talented musicians from the Island may join us for live music and/or Dj dance sessions.
– Facilitators Santoshi Amor and Bruno Mushotoko

SANTOSHI is an international Tantra teacher who has embodied the essence of Tantra for the last 20 years. Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves.
She dropped her career as an architect to follow her heart and lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years. After leaving the Osho Community she retreated into silence and isolation to the Himalayas to practice Tibetan Tantra.
She has experienced and deeply explored the art of conscious loving and conscious intimacy through committed and open relationships. Intimacy and Love are her quests in life.
At the moment she is based in Ibiza where she gathers people from all over to explore the world of Tantra. She also runs a Tantra training for women, singles and couples in different countries.

BRUNO is a Tantrika, deep meditator and group facilitator for the last 18 years in various countries in Europe and Asia. He practiced and taught Vipassana Meditation at the International Meditation centre Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand and lived for seven years at the international meditation Osho centre in Pune, India.
Recently he has become focused in understanding the primal wound of the Ego and has explored deeply ways for couples to heal and grow through codependency issues.
At the moment he facilitates meditation and self discovery courses as well as regular sessions to guide couples to connect deeper and support each other’s growth.

A luxury villa with first class gourmet vegetarian meals.
For more information and pictures of the venue please visit here http://www.casanaya.com/en/

Food and accommodation in a luxury villa in Ibiza with first class gourmet vegetarian meals: EUR 450
Tuition fee: EUR 500
Total per person: EUR 950 euros
Early Bird (before April 1st): EUR 850
Deposit EUR 400 per couple to secure your place.

For any enquiries and to book please contact Meera [email protected]

This course is limited to 12 couples.
According to the Ancient Scriptures, 12 couples in deep tantric meditation can create a deep transformational vibration not only for themselves but also for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Direcciòn: Crtra Ibiza a Portinatx km 16.5, Ibiza
From Lovers to Soul Mates - Ibiza Couples Retreat

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