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April 21, 2017 al Citylife Madrid Trips en Madrid.


???? Booking: You can either book online at http://www.citylifemadrid.com/events/pais-vasco-2/ or in our office in Calle Gran Vía 22, 2nd floor (Monday – Friday: 10:00-19:00)!

Meeting point in Paseo Moret (Metro: Moncloa): 7:45 (Friday)
Departure from Madrid: 8:00 (Friday) / Arrival to Bilbao: 13:00 (Friday)
Departure from Bilbao: 11:00 (Saturday) / Arrival to San Sebastian: 13:00 (Saturday)
Departure from San Sebastian: 16:00 (Sunday) / Arrival to Madrid: 23:00 (Sunday)

The Basque Country, or País Vasco in Spanish, is known for its majestic, natural beauty. It’s a place that demands exploration, and on this trip we take you to the delightful and cosmopolitan main cities of Bilbao and San Sebastián.

With an eclectic mix of antique and modern architecture, Bilbao is the economic and cultural center of the northern region of Spain, and it is the capital of the Vizcaya province of Basque Country. Our first day will be spent in this incredible city where an official local tour will take us through both the old town and new town. You will witness how tradition blends with modernity to give this city a truly remarkable feel. During your free time, don’t forget to visit the world famous Guggenheim museum, relax by the lush coastlines, and taste the mouthwatering pintxos!

Next, we will continue to the summer capital of Spain, also known as San Sebastian. Our official local guided tour will take us through the beautiful streets of San Sebastian and all along the coastline to see everything from the Miramar Palace to the baroque church of Santa María. You will fall in love with this diverse city! Sweet cafés in the old quarter, gothic-style architecture, modernist seaside sculptures, soft beaches along the Playa de la Concha, Michelin-Star pintxos, and thrilling nightlife, it has a little bit of something for everyone!

Our last stop will be a quick journey into the bordering neighbor of France. Biarritz, a small town discovered by the wife of Napoleon III, is located right on the Bay of Biscay and is known internationally for its surfing. During our leisure time to relax, take a trip to one of the many museums located here. The Asiatic Museum, Museum of the Sea, and the Chocolate Museum (yes, chocolate), are all worthwhile stops while in this incredible town. Not in the mood to go to a museum? Relax along the shore, which is a popular destination for wealthy beach-goers, including European and Russian nobility!

The trip includes (139€ / 129€ with DMM card*):
✓ Transportation by private bus
✓ Hostel accommodation with breakfast included
✓ Official guided tour of San Sebastián
✓ Official guided tour of Bilbao
✓ Visit to Biarritz
✓ Night out with free entry to club
✓ Representative throughout the trip
✓ Trip photographer
✓ Travel insurance
✓ All taxes included

Booking: You can either book online at http://www.citylifemadrid.com/events/pais-vasco-2/ or in our office in Calle Gran Vía 22, 2nd floor (Monday – Friday: 10:00-19:00)!

*Discount for DMM card holders! If you don’t have the DMM card yet and want to know more about it, please send us an email to [email protected]

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us:

Citylife Madrid
Calle Gran Vía 22 – Duplicado, 2nd Floor, 28013 Madrid
Metro: Gran Vía
[email protected]
+34 915 296 673

Direcciòn: Calle Gran Via 22 (Duplicado – 2nd Floor), Madrid
SOLD OUT: País Vasco & France – Bilbao, San Sebastian & Biarritz

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