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October 12, 2017 al Canal sur Rtva en Málaga.


In the personal project I want to concentrate the relationship with the world in the photographs, transforming the most personal and complex memories into clear and minimalist images. The minimal, ethereal and subtle aspects in their particular repertoire solve the space-time problems, bringing together color and chromatic softness. The idea of the introduction of the Other (1. the Other-painter-Nature-Producer and 2. the Other-I-spectator, who looks, selects, re-creates and re-produces) Is not limited to a single set of meanings and content. The common point among all is to produce the sense of human existence in the chaos of this reality. It is the pursuit of simplicity, of a formal, fluid, delicate, fragile harmony: “it is an amalgam, a dynamic agglutinating principle. A work of art is a point on a line “(Bourriaud, 2006, p.20).
The technique of my time, photography, offers the possibility to imagine producing the images, manipulate the pixels without imitating the illustration. The relation between art and technique, where photography modifies the relationship with the world and the modes of representation – the transformation of the real with the impact of light – is the reform of the pictorial practice of the impressionists. With the consequence of a physical action, from the look and the artistic eye to the manipulation of a camera, “the photo is the recording worked of a physical impact” (Bourriaud, 2006, p.30) Built as a trace of something, the image is a chain of numbers, lines or color, the signal of human presence, can be defined as the relational object between senders and recipients..

Direcciòn: 29482, Málaga
Spanish dialogues: abstract landscapes

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